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Desmond "Deetz" Mac Innes - I'm a proud Jewish Welshman with Druidic abilities living just outside of Cardiff with my husband, Angus Reese. This blog is a diary covering my thoughts on politics, sex, random celebrity gossip, and stuff that happens in my relationship. It is DEFINITELY NSFW and you need to be 18+ just to understand it. Also check out my Tumblr, THE MUSINGS OF DEETZ MAC INNES. My biographer is looking for support so she can retire from the 9-5 and join Angus and me on our adventures. Invest here: Kickstarter or Patreon

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I was banned from Facebook for posting sexually unacceptable pictures on a page called I Love Boys Who Love Boys.  At first, I felt guilty - like a schoolgirl caught passing notes in class.  Then my 54-year-old grown-up self-kicked in and I got pissed.  My blood pressure skyrocketed too when I saw that the post is still up on the page.  Mmmm, so I've decided to invest in a button that says "#BannedOnFacebook.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

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Monday, January 1, 2018

Project Iceworm - second trailer/Excerpt Below

Here is a VERY rough draft of a chapter I'm working on.  It's not very sexy but thought provoking.  Enjoy!

Chapter 9
My stomach wanted me to return to seclusion but my pride said I needed to at least act like I had everything under control.  If I was honest, I understood what Angus meant and I was ashamed that I couldn’t.  Three fundamental principles are at the core of all genuine BDSM relationships – trust, safety, and surrender.  All three are very complex, interconnected, and time-sensitive mental creatures balanced capriciously on a round pin-head.  Surrender is the obligation of the sub while it’s the dom’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their sub – trust ebbs and wanes reflecting the results of each session.  For those of us bond to it through matrimony, it’s everyday life.  Thus, it wasn’t just children or a doctorate program but how I wasn’t approaching the whole thing.  Angus was saying I hadn’t held up to my end of the bargain.  I knew that.  He was right, of course.  I just couldn’t do it and I hated myself for it.
The “good therapist”, Dr. Ragonese, told me that some abuse survivors develop a “Giant Protector Self”, a hypervigilant persona that helps keep one safe from future monsters.  Only this protector is no phenom.  It’s ADHD-riddled 8-year-old nawing on a freshly cut piece sugar cane and slamming bad advice about who to trust and who not to at your forehead like mini dodge balls.  Your Freudian ego eventually gives up and you trust no one – safer than making a mistake.  But, sometime later, she added something else to the standard psychobabble textbook.  It must have come from Chapter 69. 
It was supposed to be my second to last session as I was moving to America, thinking I had my feelings nicely managed and a plan to avoid planning.  I had just discovered my not so inner randy and had a pocketful of pro-queer mindfulness.  I was telling her how I was looking forward to exploring many of my fantasies somewhere away from my father’s many eyes.  Then, she said something that reached a corner of my soul that I was still too young to know was there.  “Please be careful.  Submission can be tricky business for a survivor.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, immediately halting my self-aggrandizing prognostications. 
She cocked her head slightly to the left, “From our conversations, I assumed you were a bottom.  Am I incorrect?”
“You think the rape did that?”
“Rape is violence.  Sex is something quite different.  And BDSM is a way of life, not a roadside welcome center.”
“But how did you know I was bottoming?”

“You mean that you are a bottom?  Why darlin’, you just told me!”

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year Fans!

Angus and I deeply appreciate all the love and support we've received from ya'll.  I'm looking forward to my biographer's publication of the next installment, Project Iceworm: a human marriage in three parts, coming in June 2018 - in time for pride celebrations all over the world.  Until then, enjoy this quick video:
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Friday, December 22, 2017

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Everything you know about Roswell is wrong.  There was a crash from the sky.  There was a government cover-up.  And yes Timmy, there are aliens.  But the truth about Roswell isn’t just in the White House, but runs through Moscow, 10 Downing Street, then lands at Morgannwg, a country estate outside of Cardiff in Wales, and onto the lap of Deetz Mac Innes.  Deetz, a skilled martial artist and clairsentient, would rather be anywhere else but Morgannwg – too many bad memories and unresolved longings.  A phone call from his sister and his father’s murder changes everything and now resolving the discrepancies between official records and double crosses become his central focus – well, those and not falling in love.

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