Thursday, September 8, 2022


 The Mac Innes-Reese family, the staff of the Glamorgan Estates, the employees of the Reese Foundation and Reese Industries are deeply saddened by the loss of our Queen.  Yehi zichra Baruch (May her memory be for a blessing).  Our hearts go out to her family and our Commonwealth.  Her love and care for our family can never be repaid and she wouldn’t have taken payment anyway!  Good-bye old friend – how will we do this without you?

Thursday, July 7, 2022


PRESS RELEASE from Reese Enterprises

July 8, 2022

RE: the Prime Minister’s resignation

Boris Johnson has been a blight on British politics since he assumed office.  His leadership of the Tory Party has been chaotic and his energies have been misdirected.  He has allowed nearly 200,000 of his people to die of COVID while he lifted glasses and laughed during unauthorized gatherings.  The Conservative Party has done quite well over the last decade however he cannot take the credit just as he cannot take the credit for many of the good the party has done since taking power. 

I am sad that it all came to this – someone losing an important seat of government.  It is also problematic as he leaves the next prime minister with a mess.  Although the state of the economy is not wholly his fault, I am stunned by the number of opportunities to ease the pain of the average British citizen that were squandered because of someone’s arrogance. 

As always, my family continues to support the Tory Party and we will do all we can to ensure the next prime minister is focused on the Commonwealth and not his or her prestige.

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